The Age of the Customer is in Full Swing - Are You Ready?

Customer Engagement in the Age of the Customer

The balance of power has shifted to the customer. Empowered by access to information and technology, control over the business relationship is now firmly in the customer’s hands. They have access to a vast amount of information and data available about not only your company, but also your competition. And competitors are actively taking advantage of this customer empowerment to lure your customers away. To keep your customers from being tempted by the competition, businesses need to strategically align and synchronize all customer-facing functions and consistently deliver the high value, business outcomes and exceptional experiences customers demand.

And customers like it that way! According to the March 2015 Forrester Research report, "From Priming the Pipeline to Engaging Buyers: The B2B CMO's New Role In Sales Enablement," 50% (of businesses) want vendors who “understand my business, culture – and help me execute.” 45% want help “realizing my end result (Q4 2012 Global Executive Buyer Insights Online Survey).”

What does this mean for your business? A lot.

  • It means placing equal focus on managing customer relationships after the initial sale
  • It means not just returning to the customer “well” at the time of renewal
  • It means having a unified strategy and ability to execute on delivering exceptional customer value and experiences throughout the entire relationship

Because customers are armed with information about your company before they even engage, the only way to retain customers and build loyalty is to create high value in the eyes of those customers, build ROI and empower them to remain loyal and become an advocate for your brand.

Two of these critical investment areas--turning customer insights into action across the business and making customer experience a reality--will be covered via a live webinar event featuring guest speaker Laura Ramos and ServiceSource SVP of Global Account Management Ryan Thomas this Thursday, Aug. 20.

Register for this live webinar, Two Key Strategies to Win in the 'Age of the Customer', and get expert insight on how to accelerate your revenue lifecycle management transformation in the Age of the Customer.