Author: Pete Geoly
customer outcomes matter

3 Ways to Accelerate Recurring Revenue with Customers Outcomes

Pete Geoly

Customers care about outcomes, not the tools you sell them. Learn how “customer outcome-oriented” businesses are accelerating revenue growth in the new outcome economy. [Read More]

Companies with RLM models

Companies with RLM models are more successful at customer revenue growth

Pete Geoly

Many companies don’t have a strategy in place to manage outcomes and ongoing value realization from their existing customers. In this infographic, we highlight a Forbes Insight study that shows how B2B companies with mature Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) practices are more likely to be market leaders in both customer revenue growth and profitability. [Read More]

Customer retention management

Customer Churn and Retention in Information and Media

Pete Geoly

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way that information is shared and consumed—profoundly impacting the Information and Media industry. The switch has driven innovation in customer churn and retention management, advertising, a convergence of content, software and devices, but, most importantly, a transformation of business models. [Read More]

medical field services

Powering Revenue Growth through Medical Field Services

Pete Geoly

Medical field service reps can to contribute to their company’s bottom line during service engagements by identifying and managing growth opportunities. [Read More]


Why Care About Usage Data?

Pete Geoly

In recurring revenue business models, the most critical customer relationship question shifts from, “Was the product shipped?” to, “How is the service providing value?” This shift creates a critical gap in your customer intelligence. The ability to monitor how your customer is actually using your services becomes essential to proving your service’s value. [Read More]

TSW 2015 Breakout Redux:  4 questions to ask when planning your recurring revenue growth strategy

TSW 2015 Breakout Redux: 4 questions to ask when planning your recurring revenue growth strategy

Pete Geoly

Using data as part of growing existing customers was all the buzz at the recent TSW 2015 conference, which brings together people and organizations focused on the processes and activities needed to retain and grow revenue from existing customers. In fact, one of the most popular sessions was entitled 'A Data-Driven Life Cycle Approach to Grow Your Top Line and Retain More Customers. [Read More]

Customer Onboarding and Adoption KPIs

The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs Series: Part 2 - Onboarding & Customer Adoption

Pete Geoly

The first blog in our series looked at identifying the right set of KPIs to gain deeper insights into all phases of your customer’s revenue lifecycle. Now we’ll look at the metrics that help you proactively identify what to measure during the vital onboarding and customer adoption stages of your customer engagement. [Read More]

Customer Engagement in the Age of the Customer

The Age of the Customer is in Full Swing - Are You Ready?

Pete Geoly

The balance of power has shifted to the customer. Empowered by access to information and technology, control over the business relationship is now firmly in the customer’s hands. They have access to a vast amount of information and data available about not only your company, but also your competition. And competitors are actively taking advantage of this customer empowerment to lure your customers away. To keep your customers from being tempted by the competition, businesses need to strategically align and synchronize all customer-facing functions and consistently deliver the high value, business outcomes and exceptional experiences customers demand. [Read More]

Life Sciences Revenue Growth Strategy

A Healthy Strategy for Life Sciences Growth

Pete Geoly

Many life science and healthcare companies are ailing when it comes to revenue growth. Even with moderate growth in the sector, opportunities for new revenue are difficult to identify because of changing regulation, payor/payee pressures, disruptive technologies and increased third-party competition. As sales margins get squeezed and as the bottom line gets hit, it’s becoming apparent that future success for these companies may depend on managing recurring revenue after the initial sale. [Read More]