Author: Eric Jeffries
Get More from Your Customer Success Team

Three Ways to Get More Investment in Your Customer Success Team

Eric Jeffries

Recently at SuccessCon East in Boston, a gathering of customer success professionals and technology providers discussed the growing popularity and importance of customer success efforts. While numerous companies are realizing the need to create customer success teams, many are still finding it difficult to make the business case and justify the budget needed to deliver full value. [Read More]

The Future of Customer Success

The Future of Customer Success - SuccessCon 2015

Eric Jeffries

It’s time again for another Customer SuccessCon hosted by the Customer Success Association. This time, it’s SuccessCon East, which will be held in Boston on Aug. 13. Throughout the year, customer success leaders gather across different regions to discuss the state of the profession and best practices. One of the key, ongoing topics of SuccessCon is ‘The Future of Customer Success.’ What could and should the profession become and why? Here are a few of our thoughts about where the practice and discipline of customer success is headed. [Read More]