Author: Gregory Hopkins
Recurring Revenue Summit 2015

2015 Recurring Revenue Summit Review

Gregory Hopkins

This year, I had the privilege of hosting my first ServiceSource Recurring Revenue Summit. It was a gathering of like-minded people from a cross-section of industries focused on solving the issues around customer retention and revenue growth. It was refreshing to see business partners, and even competitors, come together to discuss solving a common business concern. [Read More]

What is Customer Revenue Growth?

Revenue Lifecycle Management - Defined: Part 2 - Customer Revenue Growth

Gregory Hopkins

In the RLM Defined! Part I blog post, Ryan Warren introduced you to Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) by outlining the key terms you should understand to begin implementing RLM best-practices. In this post, I want to provide my personal perspective on RLM and how it impacts my role as head of sales, marketing and customer engagement here at ServiceSource. [Read More]