Customer Success


Putting the “Customer” Back into CRM - What to Expect in 2016

When you think customer lifecycle, you may automatically think CRM. To date, CRM technologies and the business processes that support it, have excelled at managing all the communications and engagements with a buyer leading up to the point of initial sale. But that’s not the whole lifecycle.
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Customer Retention, from the Revenue Lifecycle Journey

3 Costly Customer Retention Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

If you Google “customer service fail,” prepare to be inundated with articles on cringe-worthy bad customer experience stories. But with companies constantly talking about improving the customer experience, how can there still be so many accounts of customer service mistakes?
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Get More from Your Customer Success Team

Three Ways to Get More Investment in Your Customer Success Team

Recently at SuccessCon East in Boston, a gathering of customer success professionals and technology providers discussed the growing popularity and importance of customer success efforts. While numerous companies are realizing the need to create customer success teams, many are still finding it difficult to make the business case and justify the budget needed to deliver full value.
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Obsessed Customers are Retained Customers

Customer Obsessed Businesses Do it Better

After last week’s webinar “Two Strategies to Win in the Age of the Customer,” the image of the fanatical face-painted fan is now indelibly etched in my mind. Let me explain. The discussion was focused on how businesses need to become customer obsessed in order to win in the ‘Age of the Customer,’ but what struck me was how that obsession can be reciprocal if done right.
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Customer Engagement in the Age of the Customer

The Age of the Customer is in Full Swing - Are You Ready?

The balance of power has shifted to the customer. Empowered by access to information and technology, control over the business relationship is now firmly in the customer’s hands. They have access to a vast amount of information and data available about not only your company, but also your competition. And competitors are actively taking advantage of this customer empowerment to lure your customers away. To keep your customers from being tempted by the competition, businesses need to strategically align and synchronize all customer-facing functions and consistently deliver the high value, business outcomes and exceptional experiences customers demand.
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Customer Success + Exception Management = Increased Recurring Revenue and Higher Profit

Customer Success + Exception Management = Increased Recurring Revenue and Higher Profit

There are many reasons to have some kind of standard process for Revenue Lifecycle Management stages—customer onboarding, adoption, cross-sell, upsell, retention and renewal. But the reality is that every customer and every end-user at each customer site is unique—which means, if you’re only following standardized processes, you are missing opportunities to deliver an exceptional customer experience. However, there is not enough time or enough resources to meet the unique expectations of all of your customers, let alone all of the users of your products and services. The best approach is to define a standardized process for each Revenue Lifecycle phase, but then proactively monitor and manage exceptions.
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Customer Adoption & Loyalty Study

How to Avoid Squandering the Most Critical Days for Customer Success

ServiceSource conducts a lot of research on customer success, one of the most popular pieces of research (by far) is about the 90/10 rule of customer success. The 90/10 rule states: “If an individual user doesn’t become loyal within the first 90 days of being provisioned, then there is only a 10% chance that they ever will.”
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Customer Success Charter in 7 Steps

7 Steps to Create a Customer Success Charter

Managing recurring revenue has never been more complex. Don’t fall into the trap of taking a silo’d approach, where your teams are working on redundant projects with the right intentions, but with limited results or scale. You need a holistic approach. Unfortunately, that can be easier said then done, as each department has their own challenges, goals, and processes. If teams end-up pulling in different directions, the experience can be awful. For your customers, that is! Creating a Customer Success Charter ensures that everyone across the company understands the customer journey and their role in the customer experience. It ensures that customer-centricity is part of your corporate DNA, and not just a buzzword.
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Customer Journey Mapping

Deliver Value and Create Successful Customers with Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Success teams and organizations are a hot trend these days, but one of the biggest challenges that you can face when making your organization more customer-focused is having business processes that are built around functional silos. Your customers demand a seamless journey across all touch points, but your organization’s hierarchy and cost controls can get in the way of decision making and delivering value throughout the customer lifecycle. This becomes painfully apparent when you start a customer success initiative or look to implement changes to lower the cost to serve and increase customer lifetime value.
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