Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM)

healthcare cloud business models

Healthcare Cloud Business Models: Creating Customer Value

The Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) industry has resisted the aptly named, “Age of the Customer” and digital transformation for too long. With new entrants transforming the industry, resistance is now futile.

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Forbes Insights Report on Revenue Lifecycle Management – Why Now is The Time to Master RLM

Forbes Insights Report on Revenue Lifecycle Management – Why Now is The Time to Master RLM

We live in an increasingly data-driven world. Information is everywhere. In fact we are inundated with it. I know executives with more than 20,000 emails in their inbox, 20+ direct reports and a packed schedule. It’s difficult to make time to deal with the “big rocks” that block business transformation and revenue growth efforts.
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Best of 2015

The Top 5 Posts from 2015 – RLM Takes Off

As companies started to see the value in customer success and the impact to the bottom line, we saw that interest lead into a new, more holistic approach in 2015 – the Revenue Lifecycle. Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) tracked as the top category for the year, and accounted for a majority of our most popular blog posts. See what your peers were reading in 2015 and make sure you’re caught up on all-things RLM so you’re in the know for 2016. We’re expecting it to be an even bigger topic this year!
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3 Steps to a Data-driven Revenue Lifecycle

How do you create data-driven customer retention processes that deliver both higher renewal rates and a lower cost to serve? This is the million-dollar question that many companies are looking to answer, and one that we addressed in a recent webinar and the 3 Steps to a Data-driven Revenue Lifecycle whitepaper.
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TSW 2015 Breakout Redux:  4 questions to ask when planning your recurring revenue growth strategy

TSW 2015 Breakout Redux: 4 questions to ask when planning your recurring revenue growth strategy

Using data as part of growing existing customers was all the buzz at the recent TSW 2015 conference, which brings together people and organizations focused on the processes and activities needed to retain and grow revenue from existing customers. In fact, one of the most popular sessions was entitled 'A Data-Driven Life Cycle Approach to Grow Your Top Line and Retain More Customers.
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What is Customer Revenue Growth?

Revenue Lifecycle Management - Defined: Part 2 - Customer Revenue Growth

In the RLM Defined! Part I blog post, Ryan Warren introduced you to Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) by outlining the key terms you should understand to begin implementing RLM best-practices. In this post, I want to provide my personal perspective on RLM and how it impacts my role as head of sales, marketing and customer engagement here at ServiceSource.
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Customer Retention, from the Revenue Lifecycle Journey

3 Costly Customer Retention Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

If you Google “customer service fail,” prepare to be inundated with articles on cringe-worthy bad customer experience stories. But with companies constantly talking about improving the customer experience, how can there still be so many accounts of customer service mistakes?
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The Right Customer Lifecycle KPI's Part 4

The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs Series: Part 4 - Retention and Renewal Metrics: Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Customer Success

At this point in our series, “The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs,” we’ve covered onboarding adoption and upsell/cross-sell KPIs to track to grow your recurring revenue. While growing recurring revenue is important, it doesn’t matter unless you’re able to retain your customers. In fact, a study by Bain and Company, along with Earl Sasser of the Harvard Business School, show that increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profitability by 25 to 95 percent! Make sure that your investment in customer success is actually working with these retention metrics.
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The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs

The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs Series: Part 3 - Tracking Expansion Performance with Upsell/Cross-Sell KPIs

If you’ve been following our series, then you know how the right level of engagement at the right time can make a significant impact on your relationship with your customers, especially in the beginning. So what about customers who have already been a loyal customer for years?
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