What is Customer Revenue Growth?

Revenue Lifecycle Management - Defined: Part 2 - Customer Revenue Growth

In the RLM Defined! Part I blog post, Ryan Warren introduced you to Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) by outlining the key terms you should understand to begin implementing RLM best-practices. In this post, I want to provide my personal perspective on RLM and how it impacts my role as head of sales, marketing and customer engagement here at ServiceSource.
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What is Revenue Lifecycle Management

Revenue Lifecycle Management - Defined: Part 1

There’s been increasing buzz in the market recently about how important recurring revenue business models are to boosting business value and driving innovative transformation within a company. And it’s no wonder, as recurring revenue has much higher margins and does not require the same level of investment as one-time revenue and initial customer acquisition. It does, however, require a vigilant focus on delivering customer value and measurable business outcomes—and that is where revenue lifecycle management comes in. So what is revenue lifecycle management? Here’s a quick reference to understanding some key revenue lifecycle management terms …
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