The Future of Customer Success - SuccessCon 2015

The Future of Customer Success

It’s time again for another Customer SuccessCon hosted by the Customer Success Association. This time, it’s SuccessCon East, which will be held in Boston on Aug. 13. Throughout the year, customer success leaders gather across different regions to discuss the state of the profession and best practices. One of the key, ongoing topics of SuccessCon is ‘The Future of Customer Success.’ What could and should the profession become and why? Here are a few of our thoughts about where the practice and discipline of customer success is headed.

As companies are forced to adapt to disruptive new technologies (like the shift to the Cloud), new business models (such as the subscription revolution) and increasingly sophisticated buyers, the importance of delivering continuous value to their customers increases exponentially. As a result, customer success organizations will be increasingly relied upon to provide and reinforce value to customers as well as directly drive revenue growth from the existing customer base. And for customer success managers to do this effectively, they need to take a holistic approach to managing the entire customer revenue lifecycle with an even more proactive and technology-enabled approach.

Today, many companies struggle as their customer engagement resources, systems and customer data are extremely siloed across different organizations and product lines. When companies transition to a customer-centric and holistic revenue lifecycle approach, they are able to collaborate much more seamlessly across marketing, sales, product and customer support to deliver ongoing value to their customers and better identify upsell and cross-sell revenue opportunities.

If you’re attending SuccessCon, be sure to attend the Panel Discussion on this topic and stop by the ServiceSource booth to learn more about the best-practices your company can adopt to improve Revenue Lifecycle Management performance. If not, check back here, as we’ll be sharing even more insights after the event.