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Collaboration with Pitney Bowes Drives Global Software Renewals and Mitigates Churn

Pitney Bowes Software case study for ServiceSource

At Pitney Bowes Software, helping companies manage customer information and data quality is job number one. When Pitney wanted to build stronger relationships with their own customers they turned to ServiceSource to drive retention, increase satisfaction and meet renewal targets. With ServiceSource, Pitney realized a 30 percentage point gain in renewal rates during the first year of the partnership.



Pitney Bowes sees 30 percent renewal rate increase with ServiceSource

30% Points

Renewal Rate Increase

Pitney Bowes sees 40 percent gain in recurring revenue stream with ServiceSource

40% Gain

Recurring Revenue Stream

Pitney Bowes sees 98 percent accuracy in predictability and reporting with ServiceSource

98% Accuracy

Predictability & Reporting

“ServiceSource has given us greater depth to reach into our customer base and work with our partners and sales reps to drive greater renewal success.”

Robert Pipe

Vice President Global Maintenance,
Pitney Bowes Software


  • Continue to grow new license sales
  • Renew every customer
  • Increase channel partner impact
  • Gain visibility to customer data to mitigate loss


  • Standardized methodology for renewals
  • Insights and plays to prevent customer loss
  • Increased visibility to the total book of recurring business
  • Framework to assess top performing channel partners

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