Learn how to proactively identify and improve customer retention, renewal and revenue growth rates

15 Essential Revenue Lifecycle KPIs White Paper

Identify the 15 essential key performance indicators (KPIs) that you must measure to fully understand and impact your revenue lifecycle management programs. Then apply the full range of customer success and revenue growth activities to your onboarding, adoption, upselling + cross-selling, retention and renewal programs to drive future performance.

Each phase of the revenue lifecycle requires its own relevant KPIs and dashboard metrics that:

  • Measure performance over time and across teams, product lines and geographies
  • Reveal trends and information about customer behavior
  • Identify key levers for driving future performance


By implementing these 15 essential KPIs, sales, service and customer success executives can think more strategically and institute innovative practices for driving future performance.

Andrew Statton - Vice President of Solution Design, ServiceSource


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