Accelerate revenue growth through customer onboarding, adoption, expansion and renewal with Outcome360

Outcome360 uses Gainsight’s customer health scoring, automated workflows and customer communications technologies with ServiceSource’s expertise and proven methodology in data enablement and enhancement, systems integration and technical implementation.

1+1 = 3

Regardless of size, geography or industry, businesses will have streamlined access to world-class professional services and combined with best-in-class technology.


outcome360-venn.pngData management and quality, systems integration, Sales/CSM process definition, and channel management – all delivered by ServiceSource’s professional and managed services on a global scale.


Dedicated ServiceSource practice around Gainsight technology, enabling clients to get up and running faster with deployment expertise and global reach.


Gainsight’s technology now powers the ServiceSource Revenue-as-a-Service platform, driving additional efficiency in its revenue delivery centers.


Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and ServiceSource CEO Chris Carrington discuss how Customer Success will become ubiquitous with Outcome360.

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