Channel Management

Empower your channel partners to drive customer lifetime value

With the increasing importance of recurring revenue, your channel partners can no longer just focus on new customer acquisition. Now they also play a vital role in the management of customer relationships and revenue growth. It’s critical that your partners are empowered with the channel management processes and technology necessary to drive greater customer growth and retention throughout the revenue lifecycle.

This is even more imperative when you realize that for many businesses, sales through the channel can account for more than 60% of their total revenue. And on average, renewal rates are 12% lower in the channel versus direct sales and account management.

Getting your channel partners to more effectively manage your customer’s entire revenue lifecycle can be difficult because of:

  • Poor data quality and lack of insight into customer engagement
  • Inability to scale and cost-effectively serve all customers
  • Ineffective renewal workflow and processes
  • Lack of renewal specific tools, resources and programs

Expand your partner engagement with ServiceSource
Channel Management

At ServiceSource, we power customer relationships with the optimal mix of people, process and technology needed to make your channel partners more successful. Our Revenue Lifecycle Management solution is built to work with your channel partners to drive maximum customer engagement, boost renewal rates and grow channel revenue.

You get a dedicated team that will:

  • Provide superior data clarity and transparency to your partner channel
  • Collaborate on customer engagement and approach strategies
  • Reinforce the unique value and business outcomes of your offerings
  • Assist your partners with contract and subscription renewal workflow

We’ve been empowering channel partners for our clients across the entire revenue lifecycle for more than 15 years. Our unique approach to channel management provides you with the enhanced visibility, resources, automation and partner engagement required to capitalize on every recurring revenue opportunity.

How Channel Management Strategies Work

channel management Uncovers new revenue opportunities

  • Identify channel partner upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Design account plans and sales plays designed to hit performance objectives
  • Collaborate with your channel partners to pass new opportunities

channel management tools  Builds a customer relationship culture

  • Self-service tools, performance metrics and benchmarks
  • Dedicated customer success teams that understand channel management dynamics
  • Shared approach to customer engagement and renewals

channel partner management 
  Delivers predictive data and analytics

  • Centralized data focused on driving the customer/partner relationship
  • Predictive analytics for partners to identify at-risk customers and avoid churn
  • Metrics and data that turn customer insights into revenue growth opportunities