Prevent customer churn

If your new users are not loyal within the first 90 days, there is less than a 10 percent chance they ever will be. Yet too many companies don’t adequately invest in customer onboarding and adoption to ensure satisfaction and minimize attrition rate.

With 90 percent of revenue potential available after the initial sale, it’s critical for you to start the path to customer success as soon as possible and with the right customer onboarding plan. Unfortunately, most companies miss this because they:

  • Are unable to identify when a customer is off track in the onboarding process
  • Aren’t acting on adoption risks during and after implementation
  • Have unclear handoffs between implementation and customer success/account management
  • Lack the scale to engage and support newly implemented customers

Customer Onboarding: the critical path to retention

Without a successful customer onboarding program, most of your customers will never realize the value of your product or service. But if you carefully monitor and engage customers throughout rollout, you will be on the path to a more lucrative customer relationship.

By investing in effective customer onboarding, leading companies are able to:

  • Set up customers for ongoing success
  • Increase product usage and adoption within the critical first 90 days
  • Develop stronger relationships and higher customer satisfaction
  • Substantially decrease their customer churn rate
  • Deploy customer onboarding strategies that allow them to scale

Get your users on track with ServiceSource Customer Onboarding

Our highly trained customer success teams proactively welcome your new customers to ensure they are set up for ongoing success. Using our best-practice process developed over 15 years, we engage your users, make sure the product has been implemented successfully, and promote adoption and use.

During the first 90 days of rollout, ServiceSource’s unique engagement model continuously monitors your customer, engaging them with the right play at the right time.

ServiceSource drives increased product adoption and happier customers by:

  • Reviewing customer usage and contacting your customers within the first 90 days
  • Providing brief demonstrations and reviewing key product features
  • Identifying and escalating any support or implementation issues
  • Delivering basic training and/or product education
  • Supporting customer change management initiatives