Renewals Management

Your biggest source of revenue growth

Under constant pressure to grow their top-line, most B2B companies focus primarily on landing new customer and product revenue. But these companies too often overlook the greatest and most game-changing source of revenue: customer renewal. For most companies, it’s all too common to find:

  • Bad data is preventing you from seeing an accurate picture of your renewal sales performance
  • Renewals are run by distracted new-business reps or untrained non-sales staff
  • Customer contracts are expiring without a sales call, simply due to poor processes
  • The best way to engage renewing customers isn’t understood or followed

A smarter growth investment

Investing in revenue analytics will significantly impact the productivity of your revenue growth by increasing customer renewal sales performance. Consider that:

  • Thirty-three percent of revenue and 50 percent of profits for many companies come from existing customers - and for SaaS companies, those numbers are even higher.
  • For many companies, more than 90 percent of revenue growth potential happens after the initial sale - revenue potential that’s lost when customers don’t renew.
  • Because of the compounding effect of this lost revenue, every $10 million you don’t renew today adds up to $150 million over five years.

To fully realize the untapped potential of your existing revenue base, you need a finely tuned renewals management growth strategy. But because of bad renewals data and the lack of specific renewal revenue analytics and sales expertise (it takes more than 100 hours to fully train a top-performing renewals sales professional), building this yourself is nearly impossible.

ServiceSource Renewals Management delivers:

Revenue analytics experts

  • We begin by analyzing your existing business data, systems and processes to accurately diagnose your renewal revenue challenges
  • Then we’ll propose a unique solution mix of expert managed services, technology and best-practice processes to achieve your revenue growth and customer retention objectives

Dedicated selling team

  • Our renewal sales performance teams are specifically trained to sell the value of your offerings
  • ServiceSource’s dedicated sales professionals always operate as an extension of your own brand and sales team
  • We can support either direct or channel selling models

Proven approach

  • Our unique approach includes experts, technology and a best-practice process focused exclusively on driving renewals and customer success
  • We deliver unparalleled expertise, with more than 17 years of experience and a proven track record with the world’s leading companies
  • ServiceSource is managing billions in recurring revenue for our clients
  • Starting with the first quarter of the partnership, we deliver incremental revenue growth and give you valuable insights about your business

Gain global coverage and expertise

Setting up a new regional renewal sales team is costly and time consuming. With ServiceSource, you immediately leverage an organization with sales centers in North America, Europe and Asia. We understand the local markets and know how to navigate regional customer and channel relationships. So you get full geographic coverage and consistent results, worldwide.

  • 11 sales centers, 40 languages, 150 countries: Our service sales professionals have native and country-specific sales experience around the globe
  • Expertise partnering with 67K+ partners, resellers and distributors: Our channel expertise comes from 15 years of experience driving renewal sales performance in the channel