Revenue Growth and Renewal Solutions

Engage, Expand and Renew Customer Relationships

There is no denying that the digital age has forced companies to pay closer attention to customer value and engage them throughout the entire customer lifecycle. To thrive in this age of empowerment, you must take a holistic approach to customer engagement and define strategies to drive growth and customer retention.

ServiceSource Revenue-as-a-Service solutions drive revenue growth, increase customer success and decrease churn throughout the customer lifecycle. Our revenue growth management and customer retention solutions are enabled by expert managed services, a best-in-class technology platform and best-practice business processes.

Revenue-as-a-Service Solutions


Customer Onboarding

Activities and business processes within the first crucial days after acquisition and provide a structured, personalized path to operationalize your products and services.
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retention solutions

Customer Success Management

Activities and business processes that drive value down to the end-user level to achieve expected business outcomes from your products and services.
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cross-sell and upsell

Upsell + Cross-sell

Activities and business processes aimed at marketing and selling add-on products, services, features or capabilities 
to existing customers.
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warranty conversion revenue

Warranty Conversion

Activities and business processes focused on converting customers from warranty to extended support and maintenance contracts prior to warranty expiration.
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renewals management software

Renewals Management

Activities and business processes aimed at extending the customer’s contract or subscription for your products and/or services.
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sales enablement and quoting

Sales Enablement + Quoting

Activities and business processes that manage the administrative activities of recurring revenue management to allow your renewals, account management and sales reps to focus on revenue growth.
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Channel and Partner Solutions



Grow recurring revenue using Gainsight’s customer health scoring, automated workflows and customer communications technologies and ServiceSource’s proven expertise and methodologies.
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channel management

Channel Management

Streamline your channel management processes with the people and technology necessary to drive greater revenue growth and customer retention throughout the revenue lifecycle.
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