Sales Enablement + Quoting Services

Focus your reps on driving revenue growth

On average, sales reps like yours spend a whopping 50 percent of their time on admin—things like account research, quoting, and data entry. Held back by these non–value–add responsibilities, your reps are unable to focus on what drives revenue and growth.

Without the specialized resources to support sales teams, quotes can end up wrong, customer contact information incorrect, and data entry inconsistent.
As a result, your sales team:

  • Does not proactively contact customers and partners
  • Is unable to sell the value of your products and services
  • Misses opportunities for upsell and cross-sell

Drive greater results with role specialization

Companies that specialize roles between admin and selling achieve higher renewal rates because sales reps are 100 percent focused on engaging customers to drive revenue growth. With a best-in-class sales enablement and quoting services, all of the heavy lifting is done before the sales rep even gets on the phone. Leading companies are able to increase customer and channel satisfaction with an easier process, resulting in:

  • Improved first-time quote accuracy
  • Faster quote throughput
  • More accurate customer data

Free up your sales team with ServiceSource Sales Enablement and Quoting Services

ServiceSource Sales Enablement and Quoting Services advance your renewal sales process with specialized resources handling the administrative work associated with renewals and subscriptions. Our dedicated team of quoting and order entry experts have built more than 10 million quotes and processed $5.6 billion in bookings over the course of our 15 years of experience.

We apply a standardized, best-practice approach to sales enablement and quoting across the billions of dollars in recurring revenue opportunity we manage across the globe.

With ServiceSource Sales Enablement and Quoting Services, you’ll get:

  • Accurate and on-time quotes and quote revisions
  • Increased sales productivity and results
  • Greater bookings accuracy

Enabling your sales team to:

  • Engage the right customer contact well before expiration
  • Manage more opportunities
  • Uncover more selling opportunities

Specialized team of experts

  • A dedicated, trained team completely focused on quoting, data entry, and bookings processing
  • Tools and best-practice processes to support a disciplined approach
  • In-depth understanding of your product SKUs, pricing, and systems

Rigorous quality control

  • Quoting 120 to 90 days before contract expiration
  • A dedicated quote audit team to ensure quote quality
  • Analytics dashboards to monitor accuracy, throughput, and cycle times

Continuous improvement

  • A culture of continuous learning to facilitate the overall sales process
  • Rigorous process mapping and design
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and management