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You’re under more pressure than ever not only to retain your hard-won customers, but to grow them. Your industry faces unique challenges though.

If you want to tap into the revenue potential of your existing customer base while improving customer adoption and satisfaction, you need a solution partner that understands how to navigate your constantly evolving market and unlock greater top-line.

With more than 15 years experience and billions of dollars in opportunity under management, ServiceSource’s industry-focused revenue lifecycle management solutions has delivered to our customers an average of 15 percentage points of improvement in renewal rates.

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hardware customers:

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Increasing service and maintenance revenues from your existing customers will accelerate growth while expanding margins. But data quality issues and channel sales make improvements a challenge—let alone driving upsell and cross-sell revenue.

ServiceSource offers best-in-class hardware renewal solutions that drive growth in service and support revenue, improve the value your customers get from their hardware investments, and help to expand margins. We also find uncovered assets to generate additional revenue from maintenance, support, and service contracts.

Solutions for hardware companies:

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software customers:

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Your customers now have more choices than ever, and this is intensified by the transition to subscription and cloud-delivery business models. How are you ensuring that each of your customers is actively using your product, has the right engagement model, and finds value in their software investment?

Leading software companies trust ServiceSource to increase support and subscription revenue—and to drive the right customer engagement and awareness with consistent, proactive outreach and targeted campaigns that increase product stickiness.

Solutions for software companies:

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SAAS customers:

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Your customers are increasingly sophisticated and selective about what they buy and from whom they buy. If the value of your solution isn’t proven quickly, they’ll all too quickly move on to your competitor’s offering.

ServiceSource arms SaaS companies with rich customer insights and recommended actions to help curb customer churn, identify new revenue growth opportunities, and ensure value is being delivered.

Solutions for SaaS companies:

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Industrial customers:

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In an environment of slowing growth and increased competition from third-party service providers, industrial and manufacturing companies are under more pressure than ever to capitalize on the growth potential within their installed customer base.

ServiceSource helps leading industrial companies tap into this potential and find greater growth through more effective sales of service and maintenance contracts, warranty conversions and recapture, upsell and cross-sell.

Solutions for industrial companies:

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Health Care/Life Science customers:

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Healthcare and life sciences

Ongoing regulatory pressures are squeezing your customers’ margins, impacting your own bottom line. Meanwhile, intense third-party competition makes it hard for you to drive renewal revenue. How can you outpace these dynamics and drive greater revenue growth while still remaining aligned with your customers’ challenges?

With ServiceSource, Healthcare and Life Sciences companies get the insights and scale they need to improve renewal rates, save customers and increase revenues through service and maintenance contracts, warranty conversions and recapture, upsell and cross-sell.

Solutions for healthcare and life sciences companies:

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Information/Media customers:

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Information and media

With rapid-fire innovations constantly disrupting how information is consumed, it’s critical for Information and media companies seeking scalable growth to ensure they know which customers to engage with the right approach, and at the right time.

ServiceSource provides Information and Media companies actionable customer insights and analytics to contact their customers with the right offer at the right time, driving higher customer retention and increased subscription revenue.

Solutions for information and media companies: