Warranty Conversion

Grow your service contract revenue

Winning service contract revenue is tough. You have to compete against third-party service providers, time and materials, and customers who opt out. If managed correctly though, service contracts can be a source of untapped revenue.

However, getting customers to buy your extended support and maintenance contracts can be difficult because:

  • You don’t have a sales process designed to identify these opportunities
  • You don’t have people trained to sell the unique value of support and maintenance
  • You don’t know who to contact because your data is scattered and inaccurate

How to mine an untapped revenue stream

Best-in-class companies start by proactively engaging with warranty customers to get ahead of the competition. With skilled experts who can clearly articulate the benefits of an extended support and maintenance contract, these companies routinely convert and capture more service contract revenue. Using a best-in-class approach, companies can increase profitability and drive up warranty conversion rates by 10 to 15 percentage points to capture millions in previously missed opportunities.

Capture more revenue with ServiceSource Warranty Services

ServiceSource has more than 15 years of experience capturing support and maintenance revenue on behalf of the world’s leading technology companies. Only ServiceSource delivers a dedicated, high-performing sales team whose sole focus is on selling the value of your support and maintenance offerings. With ServiceSource, you’ll keep more service and support customers and recapture more revenue.

How we do it

Warranty Conversion

Converting customers from warranty to extended support and maintenance contracts
  • Contact customers prior to warranty expiration
  • Sell the value of extended support and maintenance contracts
  • Identify opportunities to upsell additional services or extended terms

Out of Warranty Conversion

Converting your installed base out of warranty (IBOW) customers to a support and maintenance contract
  • Identify and engage customers who have lapsed warranty agreements
  • Sell the value of maintenance and support contracts
  • Identify opportunities to upsell additional services or extended terms

Use a proven, best-practice approach to warranty

  • Distinct, high-performance sales methodology and proactive engagement model
  • Dedicated sales team focused 100 percent on achieving your warranty conversion and expired warranty goals
  • Tools and processes to support a disciplined approach
  • Selling professionals trained to have an in-depth understanding of your unique product and support offerings