How Support Works


Product Support

Using ServiceSource Product Support

ServiceSource Support is powered by Salesforce Service Cloud. From submitting new support cases and getting their latest status to responding to support questions about your case, the way to interact with ServiceSource support is via one of two support portals, depending on the product about which you wish to inquire.

  • If you are a Renew On Demand customer: Please Click Here to access the Customer Portal
  • If you are a Revenue Analytics or Customer Success Management customer: Please Click Here to access the Customer Community

Creating and Managing Cases

  • Creating Cases

    The first step to requesting technical support assistance from ServiceSource is creating a support case. Without a support case, the support teams cannot render assistance.

    The support case is important because it provides a single location to record actions and communications between the submitter and ServiceSource Support—a single reference to which all inquiries can be made.

    When creating a case, please keep in mind that the more complete the information provided, the fewer questions we will have and the greater the likelihood that we’ll be able to address it right away. For best results, please provide:

    • A detailed description of the problem
    • Steps to reproduce the problem
    • Error messages
    • Screen capture files may be attached when creating cases by picking the Save and Attach button
    • Special conditions that influence the speed of our response can be detailed in the Impact Assessment section of the case form
  • Managing Your Case

    After creating a case, you will receive an automated email verifying your new support case and providing your support case number.

    Interact with support solely through one of the support portals in reference to the support case number to ensure every agent with whom you interact has access to all previous attachments and communications.

    You will often receive notifications of new developments in your case via email; monitor these emails closely. To check for the latest updates on your case, simply visit your case in the support portal.

What happens after we receive your case?

  • Triage

    Support agents review all cases to validate the information submitted, that we understand the problem you are reporting and that we have all the information needed to move towards a solution. If additional information is needed or an adjustment to the case severity is needed, we’ll address those needs here.

  • Working the Case

    Once the information needed to start work on your case has been received, our support specialists will work with you, their peers and other resources to drive your issue to resolution. We understand how important it is for you to get your problems solved and your participation may be required to help.

  • Resolution Times

    Case resolution times frequently depend on the speed of interaction between you and the Support team. Follow these practices to ensure shorter resolution times for your cases:

    • Use the support portal to monitor and log responses to your cases
    • Respond to all questions from Support promptly, clearly and thoroughly
    • Avoid initiating ad-hoc or “offline” communications with Support

Thank you!
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and thank you for your cooperation. The ServiceSource Customer Support team looks forward to every occasion to contribute to your success.